Life Coaching


Our life coaching process offers:
Clarity – Uncover the choices you have before you and choose the ones that serve you best! 
Clarity is being in process with what emerges and trusting it. It’s about sifting through what’s not important and getting to the juicy part of what really matters. It’s a sense of moving with the flow, rather than standing in one place.

Catalyst – There are times when we all need help getting us to move forward in our lives. We may be holding ourselves back with an old story that we continue to believe about who we are, but when we stop to think about it we really aren’t that person anymore. Or you may be in a place where your work and personal life may be out of balance and your story is that “this is just the way it has to be” leaving you drained and frustrated. Or you’ve actually accomplished all that you originally set out to do, only to find something is still missing and your story may be “I’ll never find my life’s work!”
Laura’s Story

Laura had reached her goals in life and was surprised to find that she didn’t feel fulfilled. She didn’t feel the same satisfaction in her career as she had initially. Something was missing. Laura identified what was missing by exploring what gives her life meaning. With her coach, Laura discovered obstacles in her way, some of which she kept re-creating, and learned how to move through them. She now looks forward to each day with joy and satisfaction. She knows she’s doing the life work that validates who she is.

Self-care –
Focusing on what makes us happy and keeps us healthy creates the foundation for living a healthy, joyous, meaningful life.
We think that if we exercise, eat good food, work hard, and give to others we will create a satisfying life. Yet we neglect giving back to ourselves and wonder why we’re dragging at the end of the day! Choiceful Living helps you develop ways to nurture yourself that allow you to pursue your dreams and live a healthy fulfilling life. Balancing your energies and bringing them back into harmony revitalizes you.

Joyce’s Story

Joyce had a new business that she ran out of her home. While her business was attracting a loyal following of clients, she wanted it to expand. Joyce was a wiz at helping market other businesses, yet she hesitated to market her own business. By working with her coach, Joyce learned that she was the biggest obstacle that stood in her way! To move forward and accept her worthiness for being successful, she had to let go of pieces of her life story that were no longer true. She learned ways to support herself and recreated her life story to that of successful business owner.  Joyce began to support her own business and apply her successful marketing techniques. She now has a steady flow of clients, regularly presents workshops to attract new ones and lives a life of much greater abundance, validation and happiness.